James Tylor


Born 1986

James Tylor (Possum) was born in Mildura, Victoria. He spent his childhood in Menindee in far west New South Wales, and then moved to Kununurra and Derby in the Kimberley region of Western Australia in his adolescent years. From 2003 to 2008 James trained and worked as a carpenter in Derby, Darwin Australia and Helsingør, Denmark. In 2011 he completed a bachelor of Visual Arts at the South Australian school of Art in Adelaide and in 2012 he completed honours at the Tasmanian School of Art in Hobart. He returned to Adelaide in 2013 and completed a Masters in Visual Art at the South Australian school of Art. He currently lives and works in Adelaide.

James’ artistic practice examines the concept of racial and cultural identity in Australian contemporary society and social history. He explores Australian cultural representation through his multi-racial heritage comprising Aboriginal, English and Maori Australian ancestry. His work focuses largely on 19th century history of Australia and its continual affect on present day issues surround racial and cultural identity in Australia.

James’ artistic practice specializes in historical photographic processes from the 19th century. These image making processes include, Albumen, Argyrotype, Cyanotype, Daguerreotype, Dry glass plate, Gum bichromate, Kallitype, Salt paper, Van Dyke and Wet glass plate. His interests in these unique photographic processes is linked to his fascination with Australian history and the use of these mediums to document Indigenous Australian and Maori culture in 19th century.


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