Kent Morris

A Barkindji man based in Melbourne, Kent Morris graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts and is an alumnus of the National Gallery of Australia’s Wesfarmers Indigenous Leadership Program.
Central themes in his work are the connections between contemporary Indigenous experience and contemporary cultural practices, and their continuation and evolution.
Kent’s photography concentrates on reconstructing the shapes and structures of the built environment to reflect the rhythms, form and geometric designs of the first people of Australia. Each final image is constructed from a single photograph taken while walking on Country. The content is populated by native birds…..…”Wherever I go, I walk a lot. I look and listen, and learn from our native birds; I learn their rhythms and habits. I awake to, and follow their songs and conversations and respect their stories and importance. They form an intrinsic part of Indigenous cultural knowledge and spirituality, and despite colonisation, their stories, songs and our connection to them, continue."

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