Nyaparu (William) Gardiner


Born 1943
Language: Nyangumarta, Warnman, Manjilyjarra, Skin Banaga
Place of birth Western Desert
Home South Hedland, WA

Nyaparu (William) Gardiner is an artist, storyteller and language worker. For several years he recorded and wrote Nyangumarta language and stories.
Nyaparu paints about his childhood in the 1940s before the Pilbara Aboriginal strike of 1946, and his work on pastoral stations throughout the Pilbara and the Kimberley. Nyaparu has now returned to live in Port Hedland, his childhood home.

"My name is William Gardiner, and this is my life story that I’m telling you. Some of these paintings that I illustrate is just to show
that that’s how we used to live, mostly around this Pilbara area to Marble Bar. I like to draw this sort of things… I’m learning my
grandchildren to understand old sort of things like this, and my children they already know."


Portrait image: Nyaparu (William) Gardiner at Brook Andrew's exhibition at the NGV, May 2017. Photo - Greg Taylor

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