Samantha Hobson

Born: May 4 1981
Language group: Kuuku 'Yau
Homeland: Lockhart River, Cape York QLD
Resides: Cairns, QLD

Samantha Hobson was born in 1981 at Lockhart River, Cape York, the northern most settlement of Eastern Australia. She began painting with the Lockhart River Art Gang at the age of 17. Today, Samantha paints independently from her studio and home in Cairns.

Her early paintings of visceral abstraction represented the violence and dysfunction of remote communities, while her follow up series of fire paintings, although literal, also engaged as a metaphor regarding the cataclysmic effects of violence in her community seemingly located on the edge of paradise. More recently, the land and reef of spawning coral surrounding Lockhart River have been explored, together with traditional stories or Old Times; although all themes continue to be explored in her practice today.

Samantha held her first solo show in Brisbane in 2000 and has since exhibited extensively both in Australia and internationally.


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