Timothy Cook -

Timothy Cook


1 May – 1 June 2019

Solo exhibition in association with Jilamara Arts & Crafts Association, Melville Island, NT.

Timothy Cook is the most senior Tiwi artist painting today, his first major Melbourne solo exhibition opens Wednesday 1 May. The artist and his peer, Pedro Wonaemirri will attend.

We are so excited to see the exhibition finally manifest in the gallery.

Lately we have been thinking about the parallels in the practice of Rover Thomas and Timothy Cook, whilst very different in personality the mythic immensity of Timothy’s work reminds me of the grandiose ease of Rover Thomas, born out of each’s deeply held spiritual actuality.

The exhibition will comprise 18 new paintings on canvas and bark depicting the artists primary focus, the Kulama ceremony, a traditional initiation for young men which coincides with the harvest of a specific wild yam. The ceremony involves three days and three nights of ritual body painting, singing, dancing and eating yams and this annual celebration of life occurs at the end of the wet season. The full moon is pivotal for the ceremony which is directed and shaped by the phases of the moon.

Limited edition fully illustrated catalogue is available $15 + P&H.

Pictorial pricelist available to download here

Image: Timothy Cook, Kulama, 2018, earth pigments on linen, 200 x 200 cm. Provenance: Jilamara Arts & Crafts Association, NT cat no 726-18


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