Cairns Indigenous Art Fair - Aboriginal fair is also a blue print

August 2012

"But the supreme example of tradition fusing with an individual psychology, comes in the work of the great master of the far north Ricardo Idagi, a winner of every prize and accolade the indigenous art world has to offer; a man of multiple talents, inconsolable and unstoppable."

So writes Nicolas Rothwell in his review of the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair which was held from 17 - 10 August 2012. We agree!

To read the full article and his highlights of the fair, which were published in the Australian on Monday 20 August, please follow the link:

Ricardo Idagi, Amagooboyay 2012, glazed earthenware, 28.0 x 23.0 x 18.0 cm

SPINIFEX ARTS PROJECT - Paintings of lifetimes in the desert

August 2012

The Spinifex Arts Project celebrates their 15th anniversary with an exhibition of 27 new paintings - TUPUN NGURANGURU: PEOPLE OF THE SANDHILL COUNTRY presented by Vivien Anderson Gallery at fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne.

Writing in the Australian - an edited version of his catalogue essay - Nicolas Rothwell concludes:

"A completeness rests in the life these works record, and there is a completeness in the art as well: it is a reflective art, an art that accepts the balance between self and world. As your eyes move across the surface of these paintings, something of that sense of balance and stillness speaks. It leads to the desert, and it leads to the inmost chambers of the self."

To read the complete article from The Australian on Monday 6 August, please follow the link:

Ned Grant, Wati Kutjara 2012, synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 135.0 x 133.0 cm


April 2012

The original members of the Lockhart River Art Gang - Samantha Hobson, Rosella Namok and Fional Omeenyo - are back in the spotlight and in the news, on a new journey towards their next exhibition, Reunion, to be staged at Vivien Anderson Gallery in May!

Nicolas Rothwell, from the Australian Newspaper, caught up with the gang during their recent painting workshop in Cairns, and writes:

"A decade ago they were the bright new stars of the indigenous art world: the princesses of the Lockhart River "art gang", three young women barely out of their teens pouring forth a series of dazzling, distinctive canvases -- traditional Cape York themes and stories refashioned, given fresh and vivid life. Today, half a generation on, older, more experienced, well-versed in the ambiguities of art-world fame and transience, Rosella Namok, Samantha Hobson and Fiona Omeenyo are reunited, painting together, exploring new frontiers, shaping their future on their own terms."

To read the full article, please follow the link:

We look forward to welcoming Samantha, Rosella and Fiona back to Melbourne at the opening of their exhibition REUNION, opening Wednesday 9 May.

Fiona Omeenyo, Samantha Hobson, and Rosella Namok during their recent painting workshop in Cairns


February 2012

Vivien Anderson Gallery congratulates gallery artist Janet Fieldhouse on winning the Indigenous Ceramic Art Award at Shepparton Art Museum. The $20,000 acquistive first prize was awarded for her artwork Tattoo, constructed of flexible porcelain, and which explores the traditional tattooing practice of the Torres Strait Islanders. The awards evening was held in Shepparton on Thursday 12 April, 2012.

The exhibition will be on display at the newly reopened Shepparton Art Museum from Saturday 18 February until 22 April 2012. For further information on the exhibition and associated events, please contact the gallery:

Janet Fieldhouse, Tattoo 2011, flexible porcelain with light box, 10 x 30 x 30 cm, Photograph: Matthew Stanton

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