Naomi Hobson

Naomi Hobson
Country: Coen, Far North Queensland, Australia
Language: Kaantju/Umpila

Naomi Hobson is a Visual Artist who resides on the banks of the riverbeds her grandparents were born. Her residence is an old tin shed that was once her village church. Her colourful abstract compositions act as a link between individuality and a shared identity. Her continual inspiration is the vast traditional lands of her ancestors surrounding the town of Coen in Queensland and her culture. More recently, Naomi is further inspired by the richness of cultural diversity she witnessed first-hand while exploring village life, rural farmlands and the organised urban chaos throughout South East Asia. 

I paint in my own personal space where I feel most comfortable including my back veranda, in the dry river beds, on the banks of my childhood fishing places as well as at the camp sites that my families have lived and spent time for thousands of years. I will take time to look at the miniature things, the tiny little things that nature hides. 

Naomi Hobson is one of the Kaantju/Umpila  language group. Coen is a small township of 300 people at the bottom of the McIlwraith Ranges (part of the Great Dividing Range) surrounded by the east coast of Cape York Peninsula, rainforest and open wooded country, with many river systems that snake down to the northern section of the Great Barrier Reef. The local clans include Kaantju, Umpila, LamaLama, Ayapathu, Wik Mungkan and Olkola. This landscape has provided inspiration for Naomi’s paintings. 

Naomi Hobson works across diverse media, painting, ceramics and photography. She is represented in the collections of the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Australia, Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia, Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin, and the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. 

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